SUSPHARMA fits the European need for sustainable development in modern industry and will develop during the action greener routes to prepare molecules, such as therapeutics and diagnostics. The breakthrough innovation will include the development of 5 key concepts:

  • Challenges the limits of homogeneous catalysis with a new, atomically controlled design of heterogeneous catalysts for C-H functionalization. (CAT-to-PHARMA)
  • Utilizes new sources of carbon for pharmaceutical synthesis, effectively engaging new chemical suppliers from the waste-to-value paradigm and addressing challenges at the supply chain level to avoid drug shortage. (WASTE-to-PHARMA)
  • Develops greener recipes, synthesis methods, products, processes and operating conditions. (FLOW-to-PHARMA and PUR-to-PHARMA)
  • Demonstrates intensified, agile, sustainable, and resilient continuous purifications of pharmaceutical products based on crystallization and multi-column chromatography .(PUR-to-PHARMA ).
  • Releases New digital algorithms to establish new standards and benchmarks for systematic and robust approaches to synthesis based on Smart Sequential DoE. (DIGITAL-to-PHARMA ).
  • Plug-and-play fully autonomous development and optimization platform for green pharmaceutical chemistry applied to real industrial case studies,
  • SUSPHARMA also plans to train the future leaders of digital and sustainable transformation in pharma, training postdocs and PhD students and addressing current skill gaps in digital development and operation.